5 Pakistani Celebrities who were a MAJOR FLOP in Bollywood

Over the years, a number of Pakistani actors and actresses have crossed the border to make their mark in Bollywood through their work. While some have gained immense popularity and fame such as Ali Zafar and Fawad Afzal Khan, there are a few who shouldn’t even have tried.

Here are 5 Pakistani celebrities who were a MAJOR FLOP in Bollywood!

Moammar Rana

The actor  worked in two Bollywood movies, ‘Dobara’ and ‘Ek Second Jo Zindagi Badal dy’. Both his Bollywood movies failed to impress the audience, they did change his life, but only for the worse. His acting career needs a kick-start ‘Dobara’ to put him back in action.


Meera Jee was another epic fail when if came to trying her luck in Bollywood. The controversy queen tried her best and broke all borders to achieve fame and glory but failed miserably . Her 2005 Bollywood debut film ‘Nazar’ probably caught some ‘Evil Nazar’ and become a total flop! She has worked in some of the most notable flops in Indian cinematic history.

Veena Malik

Another controversial character, Veena Malik has been in the news a lot of times, but for all the wrong reasons. She also tried to make a mark in Bollywood, but sadly could not make a very impressive mark either. Veena has been in the news for her bold photoshoots, her relationship with Ashmit and her scandals, but not once for her acting skills. The sultry actress  is still regarded as a  B-grade actress in India.

Mona Liza/ Sara Loren

The beautiful actress achieved a lot of  fame for her Pakistani dramas but failed to make her presence felt in Bollywood. The diva appeared in Kajraare in 2010 and Murder 3 but did not serve more than an eye-candy.

Mikaal Zulfikar

He played in a Controversial Bollywood movie Baby which crossed 100 crore but he could not make his mark in the Bollywood industry. Mikaal started his career with Shoot on Sight in 2007 and later appeared in U R My Jaan in 2011. Looks like Bollywood just isn’t for him.