Reshma – Lambi Judai

Today is the second death anniversary of legendary folk singer, Reshma.
Reshma was born in Bikaner s village Loha in Rajasthan to a Gypsy family in 1947. She’s best known and recognized  for her folk songs that she has sung for both Pakistani and Indian film industries. The ‘Rajastani Nightingale’  has also sung songs for Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television and was awarded with Sitara-i-Imtiaz for her best performance. The legendary Reshma was suffering from throat cancer and had been in coma for a month, her suffering and life journey came to an end two years back on the 3rd of November, but she still continues to live in our hearts.

On her death anniversary, here are a few of the most popular songs sung by her.

Lambi Judai

The song from Jackie Shroff’s film Hero has  became an anthem for unrequited love and suffering. ‘Lambi Judai’  continues to remain one of the favorites even now. Singers like Komal Rizvi and Atif Aslam have payed tribute and respect to the legend by singing this song in their own unique style.

Ankhiyaan Nu Rehn De

This folk song was used by  Raj Kapoor in his path breaking directorial ‘Bobby’, starring the very young duo Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia. The Hindi version was sung by the Legendary Lata Mangeshkar.

Vey Main Chori Chor

‘Chori Chori’ Rehsma won everyone’s heart with this beautiful track and Meesha Shafi introduced this song to the younger generation and made everyone  fall in love with it all over again. Silently and secretly the world fell in love with her.

Sada Chidiyaan Da Chamba Vey

Used time and again to denote the love between a daughter and her father, Reshma enhanced this song’s sentimental value with her heart touching and soulful voice. ‘saada chiryaan da chamba ve baabula ve‘ We daughters are merely a flock of birds, O father. ‘asaan udd jaana‘ We are fated to fly away. A guaranteed tear-jerker.