10 Powerful Pashto Proverbs That’ll Teach You Some Valuable Life Lessons

Pathans have usually been a target to humor and jokes in Pakistan. We grew up with the stereotype that Pathans have a relatively low Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The intention may be to share a few smiles and a little laughter, but this only leads to further discrimination and mockery.

Are Pathans really as dumb as the jokes claim? We think not! Heard of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan? Well, we will forever be in debt to this Pathan and his intelligence. If it weren’t for  this Pathan genius , Pakistan would have been long lost in the pages of history after 9/11. He is the brain who strengthened the sovereignty of Pakistan by creating our nuclear weapons. So the next time you call a Pathan dumb, you better have your facts straight.

History glorifies Patahans, their brains, bravery, values  and contribution to the world. And here are a few very powerful Pashto proverbs that will teach you some valuable life lessons.