What if Emojis Were Replaced by Pakistani Celebrities?

Emojis have become a  global language today, they are the perfect way to express feelings. Without them it is hard to guess the tone of the text, they have the ability to  turn an ordinary and blunt text message into a very expressive one . But imagine what it would look like if some of our favorite Pakistani celebrities were used as emojis?

Well, this is what some of them would look like:

Super Surprised Ahmed Ali Butt

Wahab Riaz Blowing a Kiss

Umair Jaswaal Looking Gansta

Fun and Flirty Meera Jee

Cricket Bromance

The Shy Side of Meera Jee *Blush Blush*


Mahira Khan goes Eeeeeee

Tuk Tuk Shows The Tongue to All His Haters

Younis Khan and His Awww Moment

The Forever Angry Shaan Shahid

Melancholy Baby Imaran Abbass

Mawra, The Over Emotional Cry Baby