The Hijabi Side of Pakistani Actresses

Hijab  has a lot of different names , the most common being veil or a headscarf. Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab, an Arabic word meaning “cover.”  Women in some other traditions also  wear a headscarf as a cultural practice or commitment to modesty or piety.

Here are a few times our Pakistani actresses were seen sporting a hijab:

Meera Jee
Sporting a hijab just as controversial as her character. ‘Why Meera Jee whyyyy?’

Veena Malik
She either bares is all OR covers it all, no middle ground for this drama queen. She lives in extreme controversy.

Mathira and the hijab just do not mix! Even the cover can not cover her recent acts and attempts for fame.

She can wear a hijab or go to the jail, it’s all for the money!

Enough about the controversial actresses, lets have a look at a few other Pakistani actresses wearing a hijab:

Aamina Sheikh
Javeria Saud
Sadia Imam
Sanam Baloch
Maya Ali
Neelum Munir
Nida Yasir and Javeria Saud