Pakistan’s Most Eligible Bachelors

While some of the hottest Pakistani celebrities  like Fawad Khan and Fahad Mustafa are already taken, the least we can say is that there’s still plenty of good looking fish in the sea. Some ridiculously gorgeous male celebs are still single and very much available.

Grabbing our attention are these 10 most eligible bachelors in Pakistan:

Hamza Ali Abbasi
The ‘Pyara’ actor who proved heavy on acting, drama, controversy and most importantly good looks is STILL single.  Need we say more ladies?

Imran Abbas

The boy with the most ‘Nawabi’  looks in the industry is another hottie that makes it to our list. How is he still not taken is a question we fail to answer.

Shehryar Munawar Siddiqui

The Hrithik Roshan of Pakistan, and current beauty with beard makes our heart skip a beat and sing ‘Shakar Wandaan Re’ . Single? Oh yes! 

Bilal Lashari

The gorgeous genius needs to spend more time in front of the camera than he does behind it! Keeping that beauty hidden is a sin to begin with! SINGLE.

Ali Agha

He’s hot, he’s rich, he’s a rising star and he’s SINGLE!

Azfar Rehman

Good looks, good looks and good looks! The actor/model is packed with good looks screaming why still single!?

Uzair Jaswal and Umair  Jaswal
The Jaswal brothers are super talented singers with looks that can make any girls heart skip a beat or two and yes they are very much SINGLE too!

Osman Khalid Butt

The ‘Wali’ from ‘Diyar e Dil’ would make an amazing husband, right girls? Time to change that single status, pretty boy!

Shaz Khan

Pretty Pathan boy from ‘Moor’ is more than just another actor! He’s super stunning and single!