5 Products That Contain Alcohol

Do you know that there are a few everyday products that contain alcohol? We doubt you do! Scroll below and find out!

Household products that contain alcohol can be categorized into medicinal, cosmetic, personal hygiene or cleaning products.

Here is a list of 5 everyday products that are high in alcohol content:

Cough Syrup

Alcohol has a well-documented history of being used for medicinal purposes. Cough syrups normally contain 10 to 40 percent of alcohol. It is always advised to take the dosage according to the doctor’s advice.


The mouthwash which you use every morning is another everyday product that has high alcohol content. It contains 30% alcohol and can get you drunk if you actually gulp it. It is recommended to find alcohol free mouthwash and toothpastes.

 Perfumes and colognes

All perfumes and colognes have 50-90% of alcohol. Use these with extreme caution as they can be poisonous if consumed. Keep away from children’s reach.

Hand sanitisers

Hand sanitisers, which contain alcohol, are considered more effective at killing micro-organisms than soaps and other alcohol free sanitisers. The level of alcohol in hand sanitisers varies between 60% and 85%.

Vanilla extract

There is a reason why we put only few drops of vanilla extract in desserts. Some vanilla extracts contain alcohol level that is similar to that found in vodka and gin.