Get Rid Of Stretch Marks And Restore Your Beauty

Stretch-Marks (1)
People have had to suffer the ugliness  of  stretch marks since the beginning  of time. The gaining and losing of weight plays a major role in this. When your skin has used up its elasticity, you get the white, red or purple stretch marks that can leave you feeling ugly. While  this is one reason, the other is pregnancy.

The good news is that you do not have to carry these marks around forever! And no you do not have to go through a cosmetic surgery for this beautification. There are natural ways to get rid of stretch marks and restore your beauty without putting a dent in your pocket!

5 ways to naturally get rid of stretch marks and restore your beauty:

Apricot Mask

Apricot scrubs are easily available in the market an a lot of people use it to get rid of the stretch marks on their body. It is advised to make your own scrub at home, because the more natural and pure it is, the better are the results! This apricot mask can be applied anywhere on your body. All you need is two apricots and some lukewarm water. Take the seeds out of your apricots and crush them until you get a nice solid paste. Leave the paste on your stretch marked areas for about 15 minutes, then use lukewarm water to wash it off. Apply this mask every day for one month and notice some great visible change.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera  is the best product when it comes to beauty. It not only helps you get rid of sunburns and lighten your skin, but it can also remove those stubborn stretch marks that refuse to go. Aloe vera contains collagen, which helps get your skin back to its original condition. One aloe vera leaf is all it takes to do the magic. Just get rid of the thorns to avoid further scars. extract the gel that comes out of the leaf and apply to the affected skin for about two hours. Wash off and continue this practice for a month for maximum results.

Potato Juice

Potatoes are the most easily available and cheapest natural ingredient that you can find to cure this ugly mess. They are a great source of vitamins and acids that help reduce stretch marks. Take a potato and cut it into thick slices. If you have more than one problem area, save the other slices because you will need one slice for each area. Make sure the natural juice from the potato stays on the stretch mark for at least five minutes, then you can wash it away.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. Its lighten and it brightens your skin, most importantly it helps remove stretch marks as well. With all of those vitamins and antioxidants, lemons are God’s gift to skin. Cut one lemon in half, then rub each of the halves onto your problem areas. Leave t for 10 minutes, then gently wash it away with warm water.

Egg Whites

Packed with proteins, egg whites are an excellent source of collagen too, which helps get rid of scars such as stretch marks. Once you have separated the white from the yolk, beat it and  apply it onto your stretch marks. It may smell awful, but leave it there for just 15 minutes. Wash off and feel the difference.