5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Are Smarter Than You Think

We may like to think of celebrities as a bunch of brainless people with pretty faces, but that isn’t the case all the time. Some of our Pakistani celebrities are actually smarter than we’d like to think, and not just the average smart, they are medical school smart!

Yes, these beauty with brains are not just gorgeous faces in the world of glamour. Here is a list of 5 such Pakistani celebrities who are certified doctors.

1. Nadia Hussain
The gorgeous face of the fashion world and the highlight of almost every ramp and shoot, Nadia Hussain shines just as bright when it comes to her educational background. The secret behind her flawless pearly white smile is her degree in BDS! Nadia Hussain has completed her BDS Degree from Fatima Jinnah Dental College.

2. Fahad Mirza

The cutie from the Oreo advertisement (not the kid) and the face of so many famous dramas, Fahad is more than just an actor. He is a qualified doctor who  graduated from the well reputed Dow University and has also been working as a trainee plastic surgeon in Liaquat National Hospital.

3. Salman Ahmad

We all know Salman Ahmad as the rock-star from the good old Junoon days! He gave up his stethoscope for the guitar and we feel no shame in saying, we’re glad he did! His music has the power to heal better than any medicine ever could.

4. Shaista Lodhi

She might dance like its her brothers  Mehendi and laugh like a retarded seal to entertain you in those senseless morning shows, but she’s more than just a good looking entertainer. She did her FSC from Government College Karachi and her MBBS from Sindh Medical College.

5. Muzna Ebrahim

Muzna Ebrahim is another pretty lady in need of no introduction, she’s been all over our TV screens. Though she had disappeared for a while, she made a comeback with a small role in the  latest Pakistani hit, ‘Karachi sey Lahore’.  The super talented Muzna is also a certified doctor.