5 Easy Steps To Get Fuller Lips

Angeline Jolie made the big lips look so sexy that today every woman wants have fuller and more sensuous lips.  Here is a little trick that will help you achieve a fuller pout without having to go under the needle.

Discover how to make your lips look bigger with the help of these natural hacks. You will be surprised by how plumper and more irresistible your lips become without making a dent in your pocket!


Keeping yourself hydrated is the first step towards health and beauty. Like all other parts of your body, your lips need to stay hydrated too. Drink lots and lots of water to avoid chapped lips and keep them protected from the sun by using a good sun protection balm.


Get rid of the dead and unwanted skin and let your lips give birth to a fresh new layer of  life. Just like the skin on your face and body, your lips need some scrubbing too. Mix brown sugar and coconut oil and gently exfoliate your lips. This increases blood flow and gives your lips the extra volume they need.


Before you step into the shower, apply a generous layer of petroleum jelly. Don’t wipe it off while you’re taking a shower and the steam will help the jelly or balm penetrate, resulting in smooth lips


Using essential oils and natural home ingredients work like magic to your lips without any side effects. Peppermint oil is considered best and is the basic ingredient when it comes to lip pluming products. It irritates the lips enough to make them swell a little  and add a temporary flush of colour.

Lip Plumper

Invest in a good lip pluming lip colour, open your mouth the widest you can and apply. Once you’ve applied it well,  it will result in a tingling effect and give you the full lips that you want to achieve.


To complete the look, just top it with a gloss and add some shine. Highlighting is the major game changer, it adds depth and dimension to your lips.