5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Would Make Great Politicians

With Pakistani politicians continuing  to fail us everyday, we have started to lose all faith in them and their hollow words. We looked around for hope, and found 5 Pakistani celebrities who might make better political leaders. With their fan following and power to positively influence, we might actually achieve a ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Here is a list of 5 Pakistani Celebrities who have the potential to actually run the country better.

Shaan Shahid
Pride of Pakistan. Need we say more? He is a true patriot who speaks more in favor of the country than most politicians. Shaan has a degree in law, it gives us further hope that the man might actually live by the law. His charismatic personality is just an added bonus.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

As controversial and politically correct as he may be, Hamza Ali Abbasi’s power to at least make people listen is truly commendable. An influential speaker who knows how to attract attention and make a movement.  The Justin Trudeau of Pakistan maybe?

Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom is already making us proud in the cricket field. The man has a heart of gold that is truer than true to its roots. That’s the kind of contribution and commitment that Pakistan is in need of. Besides if Imran Khan can join politics, why not Afridi?

Salman Ahmad

Peace promoter Salman Ahmad has already been giving Pakistan a good name. This is the kind of man we need to free us from the terrorist tag.  Salman has been a guitar-wielding ambassador for peace, he has  vowed to fight extremist forces and preserve Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Iqrar Ul Hassan
He’s fearless, he’s well informed and he’s very well spoken! Iqrar Ul Hassan is the crime busting superman, unveiling the ugly side of our society.  We’d love to see him shake and clean the Parliament from evil parasites sucking the progress out of Pakistan!