Famous Pakistani Celebrities Who Have A Twin

Do you know that some very well known celebrities in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry have TWINS? If not then scroll below and find out!

Hammad And Faraz Farooqi

The Farooqi brothers were born in Karachi on September 7, 1988. Hammad and Faraaz are both famous TV actors working to make their mark in the industry. Hammad started his career from ARY digital, and immediately won hearts though his spectacular acting skills. Later he introduced his brother Faraz to the world of acting too.

Minal And Aiman Khan
Minal and Aiman were born in 1989. These bubbly young girls are a new addition to the television industry and have already bagged a lot of roles that require cuteness and  innocence. The word cute is used as a synonym for these girls.

Ainy and Meher Jaffri

The pretty twins of the industry,Ainy and  Meher have both achieved great fame in their particular areas of interest. Ainy Jaffri is a young talented Pakistani actress model and also brand ambassador of Garnier. Meher Jaffri is an amazing producer as well as an actress.

Ahsan and Yasir Khan

Ahsan is one of the most famous and talented actors in Pakistan. He not only acts but hosts and models too. He has an identical twin,  Yasir Khan who lives in UK and is a practicing Muslim. Identical twins with poles apart personalities and lives.

Zhalay and Zyla Sarhadi

Zhalay and Zyla Sarhadi come from a family of talented artists. Their grandfather Zia Sarhadi was a very famous screenwriter and film director in India-Pakistan. Both Zhalaya and Zyla have made their mark in acting and television hosting.