5 Lesser Known Facts About Humaima Malik

Humaima Malik is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to the Pakistani Entertainment Industry . The stunner entered the industry as a model, then graced the small screen and later moved on and contributed greatly in the revival of Pakistani Cinema. She has bagged great appreciation and awards for her role in the Pakistani super hit film, Bol. Her dialogue delivery became the talk of the town and you could hear every other other person trying to  imitate her famous ‘jab khila nahi sakte to paida q karte ho’ line.

Well apart from her role in the film she is a self sufficient strong  independent woman who knows how to feed her hunger for fame and make a name for herself. Happy Birthday Humaima, we’re glad for your birth and proud of your contribution to the industry. ( We just wish you didn’t do the Bollywood flop, Raja Natwarlal)

Scroll below to find out 5 lesser known facts about the glamorous Humaima Malik:

1. Birth Place and Schooling

Humaima Malik  was born on 18 November 1987 in Quetta, Pakistan. She then moved to Karachi after her father’s retirement. She went to The City School in Karachi but hated studies, specially Urdu and Mathematics. Humaima was a teacher’s worst nightmare and was always more fond of and inclined towards creativity.

2. Siblings

Humaima has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. One sister lives in London, elder brother in Dubai, the rest live in Karachi and we are well aware of them.

3. Love Life

Humaima married Pakistani actor Shamoon Abbasi in 2009 at the age of 20, but the marriage could not survive more than 2 years and ended with a divorce in 2010. Humaima was later associated with Wasim Akram too, they kept denying till whatever that was died out.  She is still as young ,wild and free as she was during her early days.

4. Careeer

The fair and lovely Humaima Malik started her career as a model for ‘Fair & Lovely’. She did this campaign and walked the ramp for famous designer Deepak Perwani at the age of 14. Success only followed her after that, it was TV then film, Pakistan then Bollywood.

5.  Bol Fact

She never auditioned for her first film Bol. She was called to the set and that’s where she met Shoaib Mansoor.