Turn Your Bad Hair Day Into A Good Hair Day

Bad hair has the power to ruin your mood and everything around, make you feel ugly and hate life. We’ve all been there and are well aware of the curse a bad hair day brings.

Fret not, we’ve found a few ways to turn things around and fix your bad hair day. Nothing lasts forever, and in this case not even for a day, not even bad hair.


Never underestimate the power of accessorizing! Don’t leave your hair open if they look too damp or dead, tie them up and add a few statement making pieces to make it all work in your favor.  A fancy headband or an embellished clip is all it takes to do the trick. It helps cover your oily roots and fussy fringes, and even glam up a basic bun.

Slick Ponytail

Is your hair too flat and oily? Well, make the sticky look slick and sexy! All you have to do is comb it through, pull hair into a centre or side  part and tie it above the nape of your neck. Easy peasy and smart thinking is all it takes to make the bad day a little better.

Cover it up

The scarf is not always a sign of being conservative, it can actually add the cool to your look! In this case it actually frees you from the humility of bad hair and make you look more stylish! Tie your hair in a messy bun and add a bright headscarf . Once you’ve tied a scarf at the top of your head, you’ll look more stylish than sloppy!

Braid them
Twist, turn and braid! The oilier the hair, the better it is for this hairstyle to work. The extra icky-ness is just a bonus to make the hair stay put and in place. To hide the fussy front fringe all you have to do is form a side part and start braiding the front from the very root, work through your entire length then tie with a clear elastic.