5 Reasons To Up Your Water Intake This Winter

Winter or summer, dehydration can cause exhaustion, muscle fatigue, cramps, loss of coordination and even a stroke. When dehydrated, we become more susceptible to winter colds and flu.Not drinking enough water can also make it harder to keep extra pounds off during the shorter days when we tend to exercise less and eat more. If you’re feel dehydrated, here’s a reminder to increase your water intake this season.

Here are 5 major reasons to up your water intake this winter:

1. Clean and Clear Skin
Dehydration can cause break outs on the skin. Drinking water helps flush impurities from our bodies. If we don’t drink enough water, these impurities find a new escape route and pop through our pores! Stay hydrated for a healthier skin this winter.

2. Better Digestion
Winter means minimum activity, lots of layering and being lazy. This often leads to our body layering itself with an extra layer of fat too. Since there is minimum physical activity our body also starts to suffer from digestion issues.  Drinking water will help reduce weight gain by helping our bodies properly process the food we consume. Water is needed to ensure that digestive tract is lubricated and to prevent constipation and other digestive problems.

3.  Keeps Fatigue Away
Stay hydrated, stay energized. Dehydration is the number 1 cause of fatigue and laziness. Without ample amounts of water, our bodily functions slow down and use up all our extra energy. This reason to drink more water will help you feel better during the gloomy winter days.

4. Strengthen the Immune System
Water intake is important in the development of mucous membranes that prevents the viruses and diseases from entering the body.Our body gets vulnerable to these bacteria and microorganisms in winters, because of which we catch allergies, cold and flu easily. A good water intake equals a sickness-free season.

5. Reduces the Risk of Heart Failure
Heart attacks are more common in winters than the rest of the year. The reduced water intake thickens the blood, which makes it difficult for oxygen to circulate promptly. Water is hence immensely vital for healthy body in winters.