The Perfect Way To Paint Your Pout

Does the idea of flaunting the wrong shade of lip colour haunt you? The thought of getting the right colour and the right pout is no ordinary task, unless you follow these easy but important steps for the perfect pout.

Scrub and Moisturise

Exfoliate! Scrub off the dead skin to get smooth lips. Follow this by applying a good quality moisturiser or lip balm. This step is enough to make your lips healthy and beautiful.

Keep it Minimal to make a Maximum Impact

It is best to only highlight one feature at a time. If you want heavy eyes, you keep the lips nude, and when you want bold lips, you keep the eyes light. Bold lips are enough to create maximum impact, keep the rest of your makeup very minimal.

Avoid Shimmer

Too much shimmer and sparkle is usually a bad idea! It screams cheap and trashy. Look for lipsticks with a creamy or matte based finish.

Choose the Right Colour

Finding the right shade is the most important step! One shade lighter or one shade darker is all it takes to mess up the whole look. Different colours work differently on different skin tones, so try on a bunch of shades before zeroing down on the most suitable one. Lighter shades of reds and burgundy look fabulous with warm skin tones, while pinks and true reds work brilliantly for fairer skin.

Use a Primer

Always use a primer before applying lipstick. It makes the color pop better and stay longer. In case you run out of primer, applying a layer of foundation is the next best alternative.


Use a lip liner so the colour stays between the boundary and does not bleed. This step is tricking and  opting a much darker shade than your lipstick is the worst make-up disaster.

Start in the Middle and Soften the Edges

Always. Start your lipstick applying session from the centre of your lips and then spread outward with the help of lip brush. Also smudge the border of your lips slightly to avoid and overly-done look.

Blot it

After you are done applying lipstick, blot it with a tissue, then apply another layer. Blotting will create a base, and the second coat adds shine and coverage.