Health Benefits Of Adopting A Cat

If you think a dog is a man’s best friend, it’s time to think again!

Here’s a very good reason why cats are one of the most popular pets around the globe. It’s because they make wonderful companions, are a great addition to your family and just looking at them adds happiness, health and years to your life.

They are super entertaining and lovable! So adorable that love starts and ends at this gorgeous creature. This little ball of fluff is God-sent, a gift for all humanity. (We must have done something right!)  If you need some convincing about their greatness, then read on.

Here are a FEW reasons why every home NEEDS a cat. (It will be the greatest investment you ever make!)

Happy Heart
Seriously, why wouldn’t you want a little ball of fluff walking around your home? Just looking at them doing their cat thing is enough to fill your heart with love and happiness. Cats lower your stress level and their love protects your heart. (Lowers the risk of heart related diseases.)

Boosts Your Mood And Energy
Depression? That word does not co-exist with a cat. Their purring alone has great healing powers! Soft kitty, Warm kitty, Little ball of fur.Happy kitty, Sleepy kitty, Purr Purr Purr!”

Keeps You Active
If you have a cat, you have a playmate! Who needs to go to the gym? Run along in your garden, play fetch with a paper ball ( the perks of a dog with the cuteness of a cat) or just work as the cats personal servant! Kitty will make sure you’re on your toes and physically active.

You’ll Always Have A friend
You will ALWAYS have someone if you have a cat! Vent all you want and they’ll listen to it all. Great therapy to get that load off your chest. Who needs humans when you have kitty?

Teaches You To Enjoy The Little Things In Life
A box, a string, some crumpled paper are  things that make kitty happy. The joy they reflect teaches you to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. Cats are a great source of positive energy!

Works As A Great Alarm Clock
Rise and shine beautiful human! Its morning and you have to feed the kitty! “Love me. Feed me. Never Leave me.” Early mornings and breakfast are very important, and kitty only cares about YOUR health!

Teaches You To Deal With Rejection
Yepp! The’ll ignore you and pretend you don’t even exist sometimes! But that is only for your own good, they’re teaching you to cope up with the world! And you thought cats did not care?

Keeps You Grounded
So you thought the world revolves around you? Ha Ha! No bro, you’re not the sun! Or a cat for that matter. If you ever start to become too full of your own self-importance, a swift derisive look from your cat will be enough to remind you that you’re not as awesome as you think you are.