10 Celebrity Makeup Fails That Will Leave You Speechless

Makeup fails are a thing we suffer on a daily basis. There is always someone who has plastered their face with makeup or decided to draw 20-inch thick eye brows on their face. Things like these leave us wanting to claw our eyes out and  screaming in our heads”Why oh whyyyy!!?”

Celebrities look pretty flawless most of  the times but even they aren’t immune to makeup disasters. Don’t believe us?Believe the camera! Cameras don’t discriminate, and as a result there will be times when it catches you at your very best or your absolute worst. We found 10 celebrities who nearly broke the camera with their epic makeup fails.

Humaima Malik
It’s okay! Yes, we did not recognize her either! We can not even tell if its Humaima or Begum Nawazish Ali!


Only one suggestion! More layers of clothes and lesser layers of makeup please!

Iman Ali

Even the best fall down, even the stars refuse to shine! Well, this star IS shinning, but it all the wrong ways!

Fiza Ali

Main hoon hi nahi is duniya ki!? Fake lenses and smokey eyes from outer space!

Aminah Sheikh

This is a little too much of almost everything! That base has made her face look  soo oily that America might consider invading it!

Veena Malik

It’s not just her makeup! It’s everything!

Aiza Khan

5 minute main ho gaye main gori gori!


Horrifying much? Now imagine her following you in a dark alley! That highlighter would probably glow in the dark too!

Hadiqa Kiyani
The pop star just made  everything pop! Including our eyes!

Sadia Imam

Ahem Ahem!