Bollywood Stars Who Take Inspiration From Islam

While the world has made it a hobby to criticize Islam, here are a few Bollywood celebrities you actually take inspiration from this religion of peace!

Amitabh Bachchan
Who says life did not come with an instruction manual. God sent Quran which is the best source of guidance and peace.
Amitabh Bachchan told that media that all the fame and fortune could not buy him inner peace. That is when someone suggested him to read the Holy Quran and to his surprise he actually received the peace that he was looking for.


“A member of TwFmXt here asked me to read the Koran, for peace and tranquility, for the essence of life.. I did..” Amitabh tweeted  on his Twitter page.

The superstar even quoted a few verses from the holy book.

“God changes not what is in a people, until they change what is in themselves ” Koran ( 7th century ), Sura 13, v. 11” wrote the 69-year-old actor.

He further added another verse

“Walk not on the earth exultantly, for thou canst not cleave the earth, neither shalt thou reach to the mountains in height- Koran.

When someone pointed out that the spelling of the holy book should be Quran and not Koran, the superstar did not hesitate to apologize either.

Shahrukh Khan

King Khan is Muslim by birth and he agrees that it is the best and most peaceful religion in the world.  Give the video below a watch and hear for yourself what he had to say!

Shahrukh throws light on the difference between the  Islam from Allah and the Islam from mullahs.

He also quotes an ayat on the secret to victory!

Sushmita Sen
Ex Miss Universe and Bollywood Diva, Sushmita Sen recited  Surah Al-Asr from the holly Quran wishing everyone a every happy Ramadan. She also described the meaning of this Surah and how it applies to everyone and not just Muslims. 

Rani Mukerji


Rani Mukerji is another Bollywood star who  has praised the Prophet by describing him as the most remarkable man in the history of mankind.

 “As much I have studied the life and character of the great Prophet Muhammad, he’s the most remarkable man in the history of mankind! #Islam,” said the tweet on the birthday of the Prophet.

She also tweeted
“To all those asking why I admire Prophet Muhammad, I put him in high esteem because of his pure character and distinctive qualities.

The Bollywood beauty wished Eid Miladun Nabi to Muslims around the world and tweeted:

 “If they can wish us Diwali or Holi, then why can’t we wish them .. Here’s wishing #EidMiladunNabi to all the Muslims around the world! 🙂