How to Stop Worrying and Start living

Falling in worry is natural, it helps us better prepare for potential misfortune but we often make it a habit. Chronic worrying does more than just cloud our thinking or give us a headache. It has impact on our health, can make our lives miserable and greatly hinder us from leading a productive life. But it can be prevented ,all it requires is to make a few amendments to our lives.

Think about the odds

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We often worry about things that never actually happen. We become so occupied with what could happen that we never stop to think about the possibility of it actually happening. Many times we create irrational reasons for worry, not realizing how impossible they are. Take for example passengers  worrying about the plane crashing when statistics show that the chances of dying in a plane crash is considerably less than in a car crash. Certainly people don’t worry about a car accident while they drive each day so why burden themselves with worry during a flight? If you are worried about something bad happening, think about the odds of it ACTUALLY happening.

Embrace it and move on

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John D. Rockfeller, the richest man in recorded history used to worry a lot. He had every reasons to worry for he was running the biggest company in American history, Standard Oil. His worry affected his health so much that he lost weight and his hairs. Yet strangely ,when his lost the legal battle against the US government for violation of Sherman Anti-trust act, he was better off than he have been in years. Despite that fact his company was dismantled into 34 new ones and millions were lost, he did not worry. By then he had learned of the habit of embracing misfortune and hence not having to worry about it.  If you come across an unavoidable adversity, move on rather than worry over it and compromise your present. Often times the outcomes are not as severe as we imagined it.

Live in the present

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“Live in day tight compartments”, Sir William Osler, a leading physician, used to say. We become so occupied with what is going to happen in the future or what we could have done in the past that we forget to live the present. The past is history and the future a mystery but your today is a gift that why it is called the “Present”. Try to focus on the work at hand rather than worry about what will happen in the future or how the past could have turned out. Doing so, not only will there be less worry but also greater productivity each day.


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It cannot be stressed enough how helpful exercise is in preventing worry. Many studies have proven regular exercise to be more effective than medication for worry. Our brain develops resistance to drugs over time, reducing their effectiveness. With exercise, both our physical and mental health improve, giving the brain greater resistance against worry. The current President of the United States, Barack Obama, despite running the affairs of the most powerful nation, always try to take some time out to exercise and play golf to keep himself free of worry.

Be Positive and Do Positive


It is a no-brainer that people who think positive and do positive are also the ones who worry less. Instead of focusing on what is wrong about their lives and worrying over it, they focus on the good and how they can make it better. If you fill your mind with positivity, it will leave little room for negative thoughts. Commit yourself to doing something positive each day and see for yourself the results it will bring. Even simple acts of positivity can quickly turn around even the most worrying of situations.