The Ugly Side Of Being Beautiful

Who says life is perfect if you’re beautiful? Good looks come with a price!


According to a report by BBC, social psychologists Lisa Slattery Walker and Tonya Fravert at the University of North Carolina combined years of research and concluded that there are serious downsides to being gorgeous. And you thought the pretty have everything easy? Looks like being beautiful actually makes your life harder!


While the attractive ones might get more attention, their life isn’t really a bed of roses either! Lets start with one of the most basic conclusions we make when we see someone who looks great, we automatically assume that their life would be as perfect as how they physically appear to be! We judge a book by the cover, see only the things on the surface. Well that’s not always how things are! What you see is only the tip of the ice berg and there’s more to good looking people than just good looks.

Lets see how your good looks can become a problem for you:


1. In the workplace, your face really can be your fortune. While pleasing to the eyes has its own perks, attractive women often have to face blatant sexism when they opt for higher positions.

2. If your boss and you are of  the same sex and if they consider you better looking, chances are that you won’t be hired!

3. People around you, including your own  doctor might think you’re not as sick as you complain to be.

4. Even if you want someone to approach you, you’re considered hard to get and unapproachable.

5.  An online dating site reported that the more flawless the profile picture, the lesser dates you got!