4 Reasons Why Hamza Ali Abbasi Has The Biggest Fan Following In Pakistan


You may love him or hate him, but you can not ignore him! Yep, that is the kind of power Hamza Ali Abbasi has over people.

Hamza enjoys a huge  fan following  in Pakistan, he is the celebrity king of  the social media and THAT says a lot about him. From voicing his views about every issue to being super active in interacting with the masses, this man has won some un-match-able attention!

Below are 4 reasons why this man has sooo many fan followers:

A Social Media Super-hero when it comes to Social and Political Issues
He does not shy from voicing against injustice! The man takes all social and political issues to the social media and plays his best at highlighting them. This has won him a lot of followers, some agree, some disagree, but all this is enough to make a movement. Be it politics, cricket or entertainment, Hamza has a say on everything!

An Excellent Sense of Humor
Now who would listen to him speak or read his posts if he was boring and dull! He packs everything with a punch of entertainment. His sense of humor makes him quiet a charmer! After his charismatic looks.

Highly Educated
Did you know he  did his Bachelors in International Relations from abroad, came back to Pakistan and did his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University, and then took the CSS exams and went into the Police force. He’s a beauty with brain!

The Roles he Plays
This heartthrob of the entertainment industry has played one of the best roles and characters. His films and dramas have earned immense popularity! Waar, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Pyare Afzal and now Mann Mayal are a few projects synonymous to his name.