4 Surprising benefits of playing Video games

Playing video games is often stereotyped as a negative habit but science is proving otherwise. While excessive gaming can be unhealthy, regularly playing video games in moderation can have some surprising benefits.

They can actually improve vision


“Don’t sit too close to the screen or you will strain your eyesight” our parents used to warn us but science proves otherwise. Researchers have concluded that playing video games will actually improve vision. People who regularly play video games were shown to be better able to distinguish different shades of grey and were better at tracking multiple objects at the same time.

They lead to healthier brains


Many games incorporate elements of problem solving, puzzle and strategy. Regularly playing video games cam also proves to be a regular exercise for the brain and improve its cognitive function, especially among older players.

You make faster (and better) decisions


Many games require the fast processing of information and making split second decisions while playing. Such games can help train the mind make quicker decisions. A study showed that gamers were 25 percent faster in reacting to questions regarding an image they had just seen compared to non-gamers.

They may help your Career


Many studies prove that playing video games may improve job performance, especially those that require attention, excellent memory, and fast decision-making.Games encourage leadership traits; rewarding players who exhibit them. Games also train players to better react to unexpected situation allowing them to be more decisive in real life.  Evidence shows that people who play simulations of their professions also become better at them in real life.