4 Pakistani Celebrities And Their Heart-wrenching Stories


Most of the times what we see is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s usually  a deeper story behind what shows on the surface. We look at a person at the heights of success and assume that life is probably a cakewalk for them, well that is not how the real world works! While some fortunate ones get opportunities served  in a silver platter, others have to really work and struggle for it. “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Even the biggest celebrities of today have gone though emotional breakdowns, rough patches and serious struggles. There is more to them than all that fame and fortune, glitter and glamour that we see on our television screens!

Below is a list of 4 Pakistani celebrities with stories that will break your hearts:

Juggan Kazmi
Juggan has led a life full of  trials and tribulations. From her father’s murder to her weight issues and struggles with bulimia, from the physical abuse of her first marriage and in bringing up her son as a single parent, this woman has been though the worst. She’s more than just the pretty face that’s displays on our television screens, she’s a fighter!

Faisal Qureshi
Despite the success in professional life, he was not as lucky when it came to his private and personal affairs. Even after being one of the leading actors of Pakistan and making all ladies go gaga, he kept failing to keep a wife! “Third time’s the charm” stands true for Faisal, after two failed marriages, he is happily married to  Sana who is now his life partner.

Iman Ali
Behind the gorgeous face is a not so beautiful personal life. Our parents are our support system and imagine what one goes through when the support system falls apart? Iman Ali’s parents failed at marriage and parted ways. She confesses to having a ‘distant’ relationship with her father, Abid Ali.

Babar Khan
Babar Khan is an actor who was firstly married the love of his life and actress Sana Khan but unfortunately she lost her life in a tragic car accident. Babar too  was seriously injured while his wife died on the spot. The short lived married life and brutal accident left Babar scarred. He is now married to his cousin.