5 Common Misconceptions About Food Safety

There are a number of food safety do’s and don’ts that have been a part of every culture and time. From age old tips and tricks to modern day precautions, there are different people with different ideas to safeguard  food and health. What’s more surprising is that most of the times, instead of keeping food safe from germs and bacterial, the measures actually promotes the opposite.

Below are 5 common misconceptions about food safety:

Refrigerate Your Eggs:
Americans generally tend to store their eggs in the refrigerator to increase shelf life and to prevent bacterial contamination. On the other hand, the British are the least likely people in Europe to store their eggs in the fridge. It all depends on where you live and where you buy your eggs from. 

Making Workers Wear Gloves To Protect Food From Germs:
Many people think of gloves as a barrier that safeguards  them from people working at a restaurant inadvertently giving people food poisoning. Chefs have reported seeing people in the kitchen who are wearing gloves scratching various parts of their body, and not immediately washing their hands or changing gloves afterwards! Well this just makes the whole idea of protection pointless!

It Is Dangerous To Use A Wooden Cutting Board For Meat Because Of Bacterial Buildup:

The long time believed concept that wood has natural anti-bacterial properties led many to believe that wooden cutting boards were therefore perfect for dealing with any kind of poultry or similar products. This is not true! In-fact it is the complete opposite! Wooden cutting boards are actually dangerous. the grains within wood can trap bacteria for hours, before they finally die.

Misting Machines In Stores:
Misting machines in the supermarkets that constantly spray water on the vegetables are there to keep the food clean and protect it from germs, but this might promote diseases instead. Machines that store food, even if it doesn’t come into direct contact with people, need to be cleaned and inspected regularly to prevent outbreaks of serious diseases. Otherwise the washing becomes of no use!

Microwaves From Your Microwave  Kill All Harmful Bacteria
Cooking vegetables in a microwave oven
This myth could lead to dangerous food poisoning. All microwaves can do is make your food hotter. The truth is that microwaves are perfectly safe in terms of radiation, but they are also not a magic box that will destroy all bacteria.