5 Funny facts about Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump is a successful businessmen, aspiring US presidential candidate and an internet sensation.His commitment to over-comb (pun intended) any situation has made his name famous worldwide. Here are five funny facts about the man who will make America bankrupt again!

A “small” loan of a million dollars


Trump states he is a “self-made” man, only taking a “small” loan of a million dollars from his father as well as joining his father’s company after his initial foray in showbiz quickly failed. However one shouldn’t discredit his skills in real estate as he was able to turn the million dollar family business into a billion dollar family business.

He bankrupted a casino


We are unsure how exactly one bankrupts a casino but nothing is impossible when it comes to Donald J. Trump! Trump Plaza was a grand casino located in Atlantic City which closed down in September 2014 due to bankruptcy leaving nearly 1,300 people jobless.

Acting so bad it won him an award


Trump holds the dubious honor of winning the Razzle Award for the worst supporting actor for his role as himself in movie “Ghosts can’t do it”. As for the film itself, we recommend you don’t watch it as otherwise you might get cancer.

Trump the troublemaker


Trump was quite a trouble maker in his teens according to accounts. This could be the reason why his parents decided to move him into the New York military academy.

Superior negotiating skills!

donald trump

During an interview, Trump stated he would solve the ISIS problem using “his superior negotiating skills”. He also gave some of his wisdom on how to deal with Iran by putting “suctions all over the place”. He also pointed out the problem of diplomats doing the negotiating and how they knew nothing about negotiating. Perhaps with Trump’s incredible acumen, will there finally be world peace?

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