5 Amazing Benefits of Tea

Tea is more than a hot beverage to be served when guests arrive or be sipped during the afternoon. A popular drink for thousands of years, tea with its abundant medical properties has benefitted countless people from across the globe. Continue reading to find the amazing benefits of drinking tea.

Tea contains antioxidants


Antioxidants help slow down the effects of aging and can make you look younger. They are also responsible for helping remove impurities from your body and in helping fight cancer cells.

Tea keeps your heart healthy  

Drinking tea regularly reduces the risk of getting heart disease or strokes.  Drinking tea keeps your arteries smooth and prevents clotting. A study conducted in Netherlands found that regular tea drinkers were found to have a 70% less chance of getting deadly heart attack than non-drinkers.

Tea strengthens your bones


Studies have found that people who have been drinking tea for at least 10 years have stronger bones compared to non-drinkers. Tea contains many beneficial photochemical which help boost your bone health.

Tea boosts your immune system


Drinking tea will help your body better fight against infection. Researchers have found that regular tea drinkers had a higher immune system activity in the blood than non-tea drinkers.

Tea helps you lose weight


Unless you add milk or sweeteners, tea actually burns away calories. Furthermore drinking green tea helps boost your metabolism and you can lose up to 4 kilogram of weight just from drinking green tea.