How To Make A Messy Bun


Ever wonder how girls so effortlessly carry that messy bun while  you look like the principle from Matilda every time you try to achieve the same?


One of life’s great ironies in the world of beauty, the most undone looks usually take the most effort.

Well worry not, we have it all covered for you! With the help of these three easy peasy steps you can wear your hair in the most perfect messy bun ever!


Step 1.
Start with pulling your hair into a loose ponytail, as high or as low as you’d want your bun to go. Ditch the comb and just use your fingers!

Step 2. Separate the hair in your ponytail into a couple of sections tease your hair using a long tail comb. Teasing is the key step that totally ups your bun game! It helps you achieve volume along with a messy texture you need to pull off the look.

Step 3
. Separate your teased hair into two sections and wrap the hair in opposite directions. Pin your hair leaving the ends to run a little wild and letting them fray around your bun to create that needed messy effect. let a few strands and fringes run wild on your face and down your neck too!

Wishing you a happy hair day! 🙂