8 Famous Pakistanis Who Became Indian Citizens

In this day and age where Globalization holds paramount, getting the citizenship of another country is not seen as something strange. That is unless you are acquiring the citizenship of a rival country. Despite their cultural and historical similarities, the relations between Pakistan and India has been tense to put it mildly. However this hasn’t stopped some people from both countries crossing over the border and getting the rival’s citizenship. In this article we look at famous Pakistanis who went over the border and became Indian Citizens,

Nasir Khan


Nasir Khan was the sibling of the famous actor and producer Dillip Kumar. Unlike his elder brother, he chose to stay in Pakistan after Partition. While in Lahore, he worked in a few films before eventually rejoining with his family in India in 1951, becoming an Indian citizen in the process. He stayed in India till his death in 1971.

Saahir Ludhianwi


Saahir Ludhinawi was a famous Urdu poet who migrated to Pakistan during the Partition. However due to his communist ideals and left leaning tendencies ,he soon faced persecution from the state. He migrated to India in 1949 and acquired its citizenship. In India achieved great fame and wrote lyrics for many Bollywood films.

Jogendra Nath Mandal


While not widely known today, Jogendra Nath Mandal was a key figure in the Pakistan Independence movement .After Partition, he migrated to Pakistan and served as its first law minister.  However he eventually began to lose faith in the government and for their inability to address the needs of its Hindu subjects. He later moved to India where he kept a low-profile and passed away in 1968.

Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan


Considered one of the biggest names of South Asian classical music, Ghulam Ali Khan remained in Pakistan after partition but left for India in 1957. According to some accounts, the main reason for his departure was that his work wasn’t given the proper respect it deserved. In India,  he continued his profession and was awarded Padma Bashan for his outstanding contribution to music.

Qurratulain Hyder


Her name is considered one of the greatest in the field of Urdu Literature. In Pakistan she served in the government and published her famous novel Aag Ka Darya. In 1963, she quietly migrated to India. The exact reason for her moving to India was never documented .

Faysal Qureshi


Faysal Qureshi is a former Pakistani Golf Player who, after marrying the Indian golf player  Nonita Lall , eventually moved to India where he lives to this day. He now works as a professional golf couch.

Adnan Sami Khan


Son of a Pakistani Air force Veteran, Adnan Sami Khan enjoyed moderate success in the music industry while in the country. When he took his work to India, it proved to be considerably more successful .He chose to prolong his stay in India  and  composed music for a few Bollywood movies. He generated controversy when he decided to apply for Indian citizenship. He was granted citizenship on his second attempt in 2015.