10 Things That Happen to Your Body After You Die


Life changes in a heartbeat and as soon as the beating stops, life ends! Find out what happens next!

Below are 10 things that happen to your body after you die:

1. Our bodies change colors
Now that one is dead, the heart stops pumping blood and when the blood circulation stops, our bodies begin to change color. The lower part of our bodies change to purplish-red or bluish-purple because the blood settles, due to gravity. Other parts turn deathly pale.

2. Our bodies may twitch
Who knew our bodies could twitch and flex for hours after death? As muscle tissues die, they can contract. If enough contract, a visible muscle twitch or reflex can be seen, making it seem like the corpse is trying to come back to life. How scary does that sound?

3. The skin on our face flattens out
Our faces get an immediate Botox  surgery after we we die. Jokes apart! Since the muscles are no longer contracting, the wrinkles on our faces mostly disappear!

4. There is no hair or nail growth
According to a common myth it is believed that our hair and nails continue growing after death. That is not true!  After death our skin loses moisture, causing the skin on our entire body to shrink. The shrinkage exposes more of our nail cuticles and hair follicles, making them appear longer.

5. Animals attack and party over the dead
Not only  bacteria and fungi, blowflies and flesh flies are attracted to the sweet odors put out by a corpse. The flies lay eggs which hatch into maggots which start eating away at the dead flesh. Other creatures such as mites, ants, spiders, and vultures also take over the dead body.

6. The body can moan
Oh yes the dead can make scary sounds after death! The combination of rigor mortis and gas released by bacteria in our guts can lead dead bodies to fart, squeak, and even moan.

7. Our eyes bulge and tongues swell
The gases produced in our intestines and from our dying organs make our eyes pop out from their sockets and our tongues swell up and extend out of the mouth.

8. Some bodies can be naturally mummified
Some bodies, if left in special eco-zones such as salt deserts or peat bogs, can naturally mummify. Where you’re buried plays a great role in how well preserved your body can stay.

9. We can explode
If there is a lot of gas buildup and the  gas has nowhere to go, our bodies will bloat and eventually rupture.

10. Bones are the last to decay
Our bones are the last things to disappear after we die.

Death sure is scary! How scared does this post make you?