10 Wonderful Things Pakistan And India Both Have In Common

Despite the strained relationships between Pakistan and India since independence, both countries have a lot more in common than politicians on both sides would like to admit. From our love of cricket to our extraordinary fashion sense, we look at 10 things that we share and have in common.

Our love for cricket

cricket on street


Which Indian or Pakistani do we know of who hasn’t played cricket as a kid? We don’t just like the sport, we are madly in love with it . Be it the streets of Karachi or Mumbai, we’ll see kids of all backgrounds passionately involved in a game of cricket. With the popularity the sport enjoys, It is not surprising that both India and Pakistan have produced some of the most talented players in cricket history.




Our love for this dish can be seen by the fact that nearly every state or province has its own variation of the famous dish. The spicy and delicious Biryani remains the favorite dish of many people in both countries , regardless of status.


Fondness for Tea


The South Asian love for tea is without any equal. No matter on which side of the border you are , you will be served Chai when:

  •  you visit someone.
  • you are at the office .
  • you are having breakfast at a hotel.
  • you are at a meeting.
  • any opportunity that presents itself.


Our feelings towards the government


We love to criticize our government and blame them for all our problems yet we keep electing the same people to the office over and over again. We want government jobs yet hate government employees. Looks like we all suffer from some strange mental disorder.


The legendary Road Sense

traffic jam

Driving on damaged roads, wiggling our vehicles through chaotic traffic, and pushing, honking, cutting our way to our destination is by no means easy but it feels like a everyday routine for us. No foreigner is skilled enough to drive on our roads but us South Asians can drive on any road.


Desi hacks (totkays)


Got oily hair? Feeling sick? Stained your favorite Sari? Don’t panic and simply approach your local “auntie” who is available 24/7 and will provide an indigenous solution to every problem.


Our fondness of poetry


Some of the most enchanting and beautiful pieces of poetry have come from within the sub-continent. Poetry has been an integral part of South Asian identity for centuries and played an important role in the independence movement of both countries.




A old tradition stretching back 700 years, the Sufi devotional songs and music known as Qawwali is an ingrained part of South Asian culture and widely enjoyed by people on both side of the border.


A Sweet tooth


We don’t add sugar to food, we add food to sugar. From the various colorful confectioneries known as Methai to the wonderful kheer and kulfi, nowhere else in the world can we see sweets so varied and so numerous. None of our celebrations is ever complete without something sweet and in our countries, sweetness has become synonymous with joy.


Our fabulous fashion

south asian dress

Nowhere else in the world will you find so much color, diversity and elaborate designs in clothing as in  seen in both India and Pakistan. Even the local kaam waalies wears more fabulous clothing than Hollywood actresses on the red carpet.

If we look past the political narrative, we will see that people in both countries are the same, we share the same history and culture, the same issues and wants, the same creativity and hospitality. Share this article with your friends on social media if you found it to be entertaining.