5 Places In Karachi That Have A Reputation Of Being Haunted

There are many places in the world that have a reputation of being haunted. Some of these places host creatures that are friendly and post no threat to human beings. (Like Casper the friendly ghost!)  However, other haunted places are homes to demons who are not shy in showing their displeasure and discomfort caused by human existence.

Prepare to be spooked because Karachi too has a few places that are known to be haunted! Below is a list of 5 such places in the city  that are famous for paranormal activity.

1. Mohatta Palace
Built in 1927 by Shivratan Chandraratan, it was left deserted when the  India and Pakistan partition took place. This historical palace is now a museum and famous for much ,ore paranormal activity once the the visitors are gone and the lights grow dim. If you’ve watched night at the museum, you can probably tell what we’re talking about! The guards believe that the palace is haunted by ghosts from the British Raj; they say their presence can be “felt” during the night while the guards are on duty.

2. Karsaz Road
Karsaz road in Karachi is famous for a bride who has a hobby of haunting drivers who pass by late at night. The woman all dolled up in a bridal attire asks passerby’s to lend her a lift and as soon as they fall for her beauty, she kills! This bride is waiting for her groom and will take whoever she wills!

3.   Shireen Cinema
Imagine watching a horror movie in cinema that is already a home to demons? Shireen Cinema is located in the North of Karachi and is closed for public due to some serious paranormal activity! According to one of the staff members, there are many ghosts living with their families in different areas of the cinema.

4. Chowkandi Graveyard
Chowkandi graveyard located on the National Highway of Karachi, Pakistan is believed to be the most ancient graveyard of the country. The graveyard is famous for paranormal activity and no one dares to visit it after sunset!

5.  House No. 39-K, PECHS
If you ever happen to walk by the streets of block 6 at P.E.C.H.S, you will see a light glowing around house No. 39-K. Most people have reported seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress, walking along the street and disappearing around 03:00 in the morning.

Don’t believe in ghosts and paranormal activity? Go see for yourself to be sure! 😉