The 5 Awesome Benefits of Being Lazy

Laziness is often associated with negative stereotypes such as low productivity and intellect. It is seen as a disadvantage in society and something to frown upon. However laziness ,if done correctly, isn’t all that bad. In fact it can actually be good for you.


lazy one

Being efficient is just another fancy word for being lazy. Efficiency means doing the most work in the least amount of time. Naturally lazy people don’t want to waste more time and energy than then need to and so come up with indigenous solutions to quickly get the work done. A by-product of this mindset is innovation and you will see top entrepreneurs such as Bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg are ¬†pretty lazy themselves.


lazy workout

Laziness is good for health.¬† Instead of going outside and eating junk food, lazy people make-do with what they have in the fridge and usually don’t eat too much as it would require getting off the couch more often.

Lazy people have better exercise routines. Instead of hours of moderate workouts ,they prefer short high intensity ones. These workout routines are proven to be more effective for weight loss and overall fitness.


isaac newton

Isaac Newton did not develop his idea of gravity while busy in his studies at some renowned institute. Instead he came up with it while sitting lazily under a tree and an apple fell on his thick head. Creativity flourishes when we take our mind off things as it gives space to our imagination and allow us to focus on things unrelated to our problems.



Buddha was so lazy that all he did was sit under a tree and think about stuff; his legendary technique of extreme laziness is now called meditation. When you are doing absolutely nothing, you can focus on understanding yourself and things around you. Laziness allows you to get a better perspective about life which otherwise you would have never thought about if you were busy all the time.

No tension

no tension

Lazy people seldom get stressed as they are too lazy for that. While many people will start burning themselves with tension in face of a problem , lazy people will do nothing but chill. Lazy people are also the best type of citizens as they are too lazy to disturb others or cause social unrest.


While the early birds might have caught the worm, the second mouse get the cheese. Being lazy is awesome. Invest in your laziness and benefit from it by having more time in your life.