Mohammad Ali : The Emperor of Emotions

Today, March 19, marks the 10th death anniversary of Mohammad Ali , one of the finest actors produced in the history of Pakistani Cinema and a legend in South Asian film industry.

Born in Rampur, British India,  in 1931, he was raised in a family with a deep religious background with his father being an eminent Islamic scholar .He and his family settled in Multan shortly after Pakistan’s independence. He moved to Hyderabad to peruse his higher education after which he joined Radio Pakistan and from there he launch his successful career.

Highly talented and versatile, he performed a diverse set of roles in different films. He was mentored by Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari, the director-general of Radio Pakistan, who he considered to be his spiritual father. He made his acting debut in the film Chiragh jalta raha as a villain. The film enjoyed great success.

Throughout his career, he would star in a total of 277 films, work with 111 different directors and win numerous awards. For his legendary acting , he became the first actor to the Pride of Performance from the State and is the only film actor to honored with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

He enjoyed good relations with different political parties in the country and took part in many social works  under their patronage. He even served as a the Cultural Minister of the country under Nawaz Sharif’s government.He was also a committed social activist. He along with Shahid Ali Zaidi founded Ali-Zaib Foundation in 1995 with the aim of helping terminally ill-patients and built hospitals in various cities across the country.

He died from an heart attack while in Lahore in 2006. Even though a decade has passed since his dismiss, he is still remembered and his films widely enjoyed. He is listed as one of the 25 greatest actors of Asia of all time based on a survey conducted by CNN.

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