5 Fascinating Facts About Nowruz Day

21 March marks the first day of Nowruz. The Persian New year has been celebrated by people of diverse ethnic and religious background for countless centuries.  No-wruz literally means “New Day” in Persian and marks the completion of Earth’s revolution around the sun. It is a festival of great joy and considered the biggest celebration of the year among the Iranian people. Get to know more about this amazing tradition with these fascinating facts.

Good News, Good Fortune


An Intriguing practice performed by some during the celebration is to hide and secretly listen to other people’s conversations. If one hears something positive such as good news, it is said to bring him good fortune.

The Persian Santa Claus and his assistant

amu nowruz

Amoo Nowruz is the Iranian equivalent of the Santa Claus. Like his Christian counterpart, he is said to bring gifts to children. His assistant is Hajji Firuz, a jolly figure who sings and dances while playing the trumpet and tambourine. Hajji Firuz’s visit to a family’s home to supposed to bring them good luck.

The colors of Nowruz

norooz color

The colors of the Persian New Year are red, white and green, representing growth, freedom and love. The flag of Iran is also comprised of these colors.

The first day of spring


Nowruz begins on the first day of spring, the date when the length of day and night are nearly equal. It symbolizes the start of a new beginning and new life.

Nowruz’s Orign


The tradition of Nowruz is very ancient with its observation dating back to the 6th century B.C, when the religion of Zoroastrian practices was widespread in Iran. Legend has it that the mythical King Jamshed , after saving mankind from a severe winter, ordered demons to raise him into the sky and the world’s creatures gathered in wonder and scattered jewels around him and called this day Nowruz ( New Day).

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