5 Incredible Health Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

Fig (Anjeer) is one of the five fruits mentioned in the Quran, the holy scripture of Muslim. Fig is considered a healing fruit. Due to its abundant health benefits, this wondrous fruit has been for centuries been eaten as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.  Here are 5 of its main health benefits of figs.

Good for the heart

fig heart

Dried Figs contain fatty acids which can help lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Fig leaves contain compounds that help get rid of harmful fats from the blood, further protecting against various other heart diseases.

Prevents Hypertension

fig green

It is also helpful for people suffering from hypertension as it contains the mineral potassium.  Consuming figs can relax the nerves and help lower blood pressure.

Protects against Cancer

figs dried

The fibers present within figs help the body fight against free radicals which are substances responsible for causing cancer.

Strengthens bones


Fig is a good source of calcium. Calcium is important for keeping the bones strong and for reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It also contains phosphorus which aids in repairing bone damage.

Helps control diabetes


Being high in fiber and potassium, figs help diabetic patients better regulate their blood sugar levels in their bodies and reduce the amount of insulin needed by them.