5 National Songs to Listen on Pakistan Day

23 March is Pakistan day where we commemorate the drafting of the Lahore Resolution of 1940 and the adoption of its first constitution in 1956 which made it the first Islamic republic in the world. Aside from draping the colors of green and going to see military parades, you can celebrate the occasion by listening to national songs and show your patriotism and affection for the country. National instills in us a sense of loyalty and love for our country and in times of crisis; give us a sense of hope. Here are five national songs we recommend you should definitely listen to.

Wattan Ki Mitti – Nayyara Noor

The soothing soft voice of Nayyara Noor in Wattan ki Mitti will uplift your spirit and you will surely enjoy the deep meaning behind the song’s lyrics.


Hum Zinda Quam Ha- Various

I came across the song by chance from a friend and really loved it. The song is sung by various notable Pakistani singers and is guaranteed to be bringing out the patriot within you.


Dosti – Jawad Ahmed

The song is themed around both bond of friendship and the love for one’s country. The song is both beautiful and uplifting.


Aye Jawan – Awaz

Many of us will remember this song from our youth back in the 90s when it was very popular.  The charm of the song has not disappeared with age and will still fuel your patriotic fire.

Dil Dil Pakistan – Vital signs

And how can any list of Pakistani national songs be complete without the classic which is as well known in the country as the national anthem.