5 Things That Make You Overeat!


What you eat is powered by many forces beyond your control. Outside factors play a great role in dictating your dietary decisions on a daily basis.

Try mindful eating, pay attention to these 5 things that make you eat more than you mean to:

1. Too much variety and big plates

While variety might be the spice of life, it’ll add a few extra pounds to your body too. The more food groups and choices  you have on the menu, the more you end up consuming. Avoid buffets AND big plates! Bigger plates  trick you into thinking there’s less food on your plate.

2. Lack of sleep  

When your body hasn’t had enough sleep, sweet and fatty foods trigger a stronger response in your brain resulting in unnecessary overeating!  Sleep deprivation also lowers your potential to exercise self-control.

3. Healthy food

The”healthy” label  can make your meal feel less satisfying no matter how many calories it may  actually contain!

4. Emotions
Craving Sweet Food

We don’t always eat because we’re hungry. We also turn to food for comfort, stress relief, or as a reward. Getting into a fight or argument with those you love the most triggers your diet more. Emotional eating is eating to fill emotional needs, rather than to fill your stomach.

5. Eating in-front of a screen

Eating in front of the TV has a huge impact on how much we eat. Distracted eaters do not pay close attention to food and are not as aware of how much they have eaten.

Keeping a check on these little things can play a huge part in fixing your diet and help stop you from overeating.