5 Beautiful Quotes That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Imran Khan All Over Again!

From a successful cricketer to an astute politician Imran Khan has been all about making big impacts. Over the years he has became a major political force in the country, one that enjoys high approval ratings among the populace. Whether you are fan of him or not, you are sure to enjoy reading these five selected quotes of his and admire the deep meaning behind them.

“God has handed humanity only will and struggle. Victory is given by him.”


Imran Khan has remained in touch with his spiritual side and has often attributed his success to will of God. His advice for people is to keep trying, maintain a strong will and not worry about success as it is for God to bestow it on them.


‘It is not martial strength but rather strength of faith that makes a man strong”


Often time it is not the fastest or strongest than comes out on the top, it is the person who is most determined and does not give up. Ultimately the biggest deciding factor for success is to keep believing you can do it.

“Pakistan is the only country in this world that was made in the name of Islam”


Whole  Translation: ” “Pakistan is the only country in this world that was made in the name of Islam.  However in Pakistan we are doing all those things that are against Islam. We offer our prayers and in (our) prayers we wish to God that we follow the path of those people who are your chosen that is in the way of Prophets, Messengers, Saints but we go against their teachings. ”

With this quotes, he questions the hypocrisy that has engulfed the country , stating that even though we claim to follow the teaching of Islam, on a regular basis we see acts being committed that go against its very basic teachings e.g intolerance, violence and unfairness.

“God has made me a fighter. I will fight against every injustice in Pakistan and for this I need your support. “


While a bland rhetoric at first glance, this quote on closer inspection has deeper meaning to it. He isn’t stating that he can erase unfairness altogether but with the people’s support; he might be in a position to do something about it. He wants to prevent the evil through democratic means rather than through the use of force.

“When I went for Umrah I prayed at the Kaa’bah”


Whole Translation: “When I went for Umrah I prayed at the Kaa’bah, “O God My whole life will be spent in gathering funds. Hitherto I have collected funds for making a hospital. O God will I keep spending my whole life to collect funds to run the hospital?” So God heard my prayer. Beforehand, after a long time, 10 million rupees were collected. O God with your blessing, we have on TV gather 700 million in 2 hours”

One of Imran Khan’s most notable achievements has been setting up of Pakistan’s first and only cancer hospital. Initially facing shortage of funding, the hospital now receives donations from all over the world.