5 Devastating Effects of Smartphone Overuse

From kindergarteners to retirees, everyone has become a victim of the Smartphone craze .While smartphones may have certainly made our lives a lot easier, the growing addiction has given rise to its own set of problems .Here are 5 ill-effects about overusing smartphones.

Damaging to eyes

smartphone stare

Prolonged staring at the Smartphone Screen may potentially damage your eyes. When you are occupied with looking at the screen, you blink less, causing your eyes to dry and be more vulnerable to infection and damage. Furthermore, continuous exposure to the UV rays from the screen may be detrimental to your eyesight

Sleep Deprivation

smartphone sleep

Looking at the phone’s screen every night can make it difficult to get a good night sleep. Keeping your eyes glued on a Smartphone confuses your brain, keeping it fully alert and awake. Experts recommend that people should move away from looking at illuminated screens at least two hours before they go to sleep.

Worsen your posture

smartphone posture


When you keep looking at the small screen of your phone, you eventually adopt an unhealthy position that bends your back and puts stress on your spine. Overtime it will lead to more curved posture and even possible injuries.

More prone to injuries


With you being distracted with your Smartphone, you pay less attention to what is going around you. Using a Smartphone while walking on the streets or while driving can increase the risk of an accident occurring and you may even be endangering your life by doing so.

Dumbing you down


While having access to all the world’s information in your hand is certainly a wonderful prospect, the excessive reliance on your Smartphone may in fact make you dumber. People who use Smartphone more frequently have weaker cognitive skills than their peers who are less frequent users. ┬áThis is because people become dependent on the internet to help solve their problems rather than use their own brains to arrive at a solution.

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