Tricks To Cook Perfect Eggs

Eggs add the good to our mornings and even serve as the easiest meal substitute at times.  So it’s very important that these eggs are cooked to perfection!

Here’s an easy  guide to cooking every kind of egg you can name. From fried to  scrambled and boiled to poached, we’ve got them all covered!

These tricks are a life saver! (Well they do save you from dying of hunger at least)

Fried Eggs
Its not the perfect fried egg if  the sunny side isn’t up all bright and yellow!
-Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high flame
-Add egg
-Fry for 2-3 mins only

Hard Boiled Eggs
A hard-boiled egg is probably  the easiest thing you can make; all you need is a stove, a pot of water and a timer. the white should be completely set and yolk thoroughly cooked!
– Add egg to cold water
– Bring to a boil
– Remove from heat
– cover and wait for 10 mins
– Peel and eat!

Soft Boiled Egg
The white should be almost set and the yolk should be a bit runny.
– Boil for only 6 mins
– Peel and eat!

Scrambled Eggs
If you really want perfect fluffy, buttery and soft scrambled eggs, you have to use a nonstick skillet.
– Beat two eggs
– Add salt and pepper to the mix
– Melt butter over skillet on a medium flame
– Pour the egg
– Stir beat and cook for two minutes
– Eat

Poached Eggs
To make most perfect poached eggs all that you really need is a pot, some vinegar and an egg.
– Add 1 tbsp vinegar to simmering water
– Add cracked egg
– Boil for just 2 mins
– Eat

Enjoy perfect eggs with the help of these easy tricks! 😉