Show of Solidarity as the World Reacts to Lahore Blast

People from around the world posted their prayers and thoughts for the victims of the tragedy and strongly condemned the act of terrorism.

The Earth stood still on Sunday as an act of terrorism took the lives of at least 69 lives and injured 250 people. This did not go unnoticed around the world as people across borders outpoured their sympathies for the victims and their families while deeply denouncing the terrible act.

The most vocal users on twitter from outside of Pakistan came from its neighbor India in what was a rare show of brotherly solicitude.

Heads of States and major politician joined the thousands in their condemnation of the terrorism and expressed their prayers.  The Indian PM Narendra Modi was among the first to post on twitter.

Celebrities, especially from Bollywood, also joined in the fray to tweet their prayers and sadness.

Social media also helped lessen the tragedy as people co-ordinated with each other through facebook and twitter in arranging blood and fund donations` for the treatment of the injured. The tragic attack comes days after the ones that took place in Brussels. In both cases, rather than divide the people it has further united them and made them more resilient than ever in face of terrorism.