5 Crazy Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Suicide is nothing to joke about, it is dead serious.  Often People choose to end their lives because they feel it is the only escape they have from an incurable problem. Depression, guilt, and frustration are the leading causes of suicide. However in some cases, the causes can be quiet strange. Here are 5 crazy reasons why people commit suicide.


drug trippy

Psychosis is also among the leading causes of committing suicide as well as one of the most tragic. People become less in touch with reality and wicked inner voices in the head keep encouraging them to hurt and kill themselves. Fortunately Psychosis is treatable and unlike depression, the symptoms are more visible.

Choking Game


There has been a dangerous fad among young teens in which they intentionally deprive themselves of oxygen to get high. Sometimes they go too far and end up taking away their lives in the process. The only way of preventing this is perhaps some proper education.

Developing Resistance to Drugs


Some people take drugs as an escape from the miserable lives they are leading. Eventually the effect of drugs gets less and less effective as the body starts developing resistance to them.  With drugs no longer an option to help escape the hash reality, people start contemplating suicide.

Extreme paranoia


Paranoia is a mental condition in which individuals falsely believe that someone or something is trying to harm them and in their insanity, they end up taking their lives to “escape” from the supposed threat.

Attention- seeking


Some people are crying out for help but are unsure how to get it. Their objective is not to die but rather to hurt one self enough to grab other people’s attention to their problem.  Tragically their attempts sometimes turn fatal and they perish.

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