Aftermath of Lahore Blast – Compassion triumphing hatred

After the tragedy that took place in Lahore on Easter, claiming the lives of 72 and injuring hundreds, the reaction in the country and the wider world was surprising but not the way the perpetrators of the attack wanted it to be.


Muslim- Christian unity


The attack was meant to further divide the country along religious lines but rather it made the people more united than ever .People donated blood to the victims without discrimination. On that day Muslim and Christians in Lahore worked together for the good of humanity and helped the wounded.


One World

The saddening event did not go unnoticed around the world as people of different countries expressed their sadness and condemned the attack. Leaders, celebrities and ordinary people all joined in denouncing the terrorists and offered their consolation to the family of victims.

Perhaps the most surprising as well the most heartwarming was the prayers and condolences offered by Indians. Despite the historically strained relationship with Pakistan, India was the vocal in voicing their concern,

The world standing in solidarity with Pakistan was a symbolic gesture that humanity was united more than ever against the growing threat of terrorism.

Nation more resilient than ever

The tragedy instead of intimidating the country has made it ever more determined to curb terrorism from within its borders. The major political factions in the country have now come to terms in formulating a plan on the national level to avoid further tragedies like this.And the military with nearly universal civilian backing, has been give more space to conduct operations against terrorist hideouts.

Lahore blast was indeed a great disaster that deeply moved the nation with the majority of victims being women and children. The Nation mourns for its loss but further tragedies can still be prevented from happening.