5 Signs Your Partner Is A Psychopath

You might be going out with a psychopath and may not even know; it is hard to differentiate a psychopath from a normal person but there are certain traits that all psychopaths exhibit.  Here are 5 red flags that you should watch out for in your partner.

They curve attention

Among the signs that the person is a psychopath is that he or she constantly seeks attention from you but gives nothing in return. The relationship remains highly one-sided.

They try to isolate you

Because they continuously want your attention, they will try to isolate you from your friends and family members. They will create barriers   to discourage you from leaving their side.

They don’t care about you

Ironically, while they would want you to attend to their needs, they will not hesitate to humiliate you in front of others and would rather have you broken than build up.

They are sadistic

They feel no remorse in their actions and would exhibit a highly disturbing and sadistic sense of humor.

They will use blackmail

If you are doing something against their wishes, they will try to emotionally blackmail you or may even threaten you will with violence.

If your partner shows any of these signs then it is most likely that you may be in a relationship with a psychopath and need to move on. Share this article with your friends if you found it useful.