5 Wonderful Benefits of Prayer

While prayers are deeply associated with religious faith, it imparts more than just spiritual benefits. In recent years, scientists have begun to consider that prayer may actually hold potential personal and mental benefits for an individual.  Read on to known about the 5 main benefits of prayer.

Improves self-control

Regularly praying help individuals better exercise self control. Extensive research has shown that people who prayed prior to doing a mentally exhaustive task were better able to exercise restrain compared to those who didn’t.

Reduces Aggression

Studies have proven that for the needy actually exhibited less aggression when angry and tried to maintain restrain.

More Merciful

Psychologists say that people are more likely to be forgiving with those who they remember in their prayers.

Increase trust

Praying in congregation may actually help build healthy social relationship. It can serve as an experience that can bring people closer together and nurture the feeling of unity and trust.

Reduces Stress

Praying can act as a buffer from stress, according to researchers, if the focus of the prayer is others.  Thinking about the well-being of others may actually contribute to improving the over mental health of the person.