Beauty Benefits Of Toothpaste

Using toothpaste for teeth is just what we all do, right? Like that has become a cliché now – but let’s talk about how toothpaste can brighten, lighten and smooth up your skin. Don’t believe us? Well you must, because we are about to prove you that toothpaste has several beauty benefits too.


Facial Hair : To remove facial hair use a mixture of toothpaste, lemon and salt or sugar. massage this paste on your skin in going upwards, this will remove your facial (no face wax required any more wohoo!).

Dark Lines : If you frequently hear people commenting about your dark neck lines just make a mixture of toothpaste and water, and apply it your lines and leave off for 5-10 minutes then wash off. Do this regularly until you see the difference.

Nails : Running to get a manicure every now and then? Well if you love your wallet enough, then opt for this simple trick to keep your nails just right! For cleaner, shinier, and stronger nails, just scrub the underneath and tops of fingernails with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Dark Spots : Many of us suffer from those nasty dark spots on our faces, a lot of us even apply various ointments to get rid of them, but let’s try this hack to give you that ‘haseena look,’ these spots can be lightened with toothpaste. However you need to add the juice of a tomato to the paste to make a mask for the spots.

Acne : leave off some toothpaste on the pimple and head to bed, the next morning you’ll see a noticeable difference! (Try it to believe it).

Skin Brightening : Getting rid of the tan isn’t so easy, (we all know that), but this trick can do wonders! All you need is 1tbsp toothpaste mixed with some lemon juice and Ta-da! Apply this paste on your face and leave off once its dried.